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Greetings Watchung Little League Families,
Registration for 2021 Spring Baseball is now open!  Scroll down to your player's grade-appropriate division and register each player at their grade level.
Please note that all families must first make payment for their family on the Participate Bond registration form prior to registering any players.  Qualified volunteers from last season will receive a bond rollover code by email.  Please contact any board member if you believe that you qualified but have not yet received the code.

Although we strive to provide as much information as possible as part of the registration process, should you have any questions or require assistance, please contact Jack Griffith at or call (908) 347-5385.   Please also let us know if you have any concerns regarding the level of play that your child will be assigned to.

Thank you!

Ready? Start by clicking Register from the following Programs:

2021 Participation Bond

Opened: 02/01/2021

Open to: Men & Women

Residents of: 07069

2021 Tee-Ball League

General information about WLL Tee-Ball

(general guidelines, subject to change)


  • Preschool and Kindergarten children (4, 5 & 6 year-olds) born on or before 4/30/2017 and within grades Pre-K to K.

  • Each team will play 2 games per week (1 weeknight & 1 Saturday morning)

    • Monday, Wednesday or Friday @ 6 PM

    • Saturday @ 9 AM or 10:30 AM

    • April 1st to June 13th

    • Games are 3 innings or 60 minutes (safe conditions permitting)

  • Nearly all Tee-Ball games will be played on Scotti Field (far right @ Phillips Field Complex)

  • Teams & schedules expected to be established by April (Coaches will contact you)

  • Opening Day is in April (Parade, festivities and game)

  • Your coach may attempt to schedule a practice prior to the first game (chance for kids to meet)

  • Children hit the ball off a stationary stand (Tee)

  • All children have an opportunity to bat each inning (there are no outs and no score)

  • Towards the middle of the season, coaches may elect to pitch gently to the children if the children request it

  • Teams are generally comprised of a Manager, Coach and as many volunteer parents as possible.  At this age 3 adults helping each team is ideal.

  • All adult volunteers must possess a Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y. certification card and consent to background checks.

  • Equipment
    • ​Helmet w/ facemask (required but some are available from the league)
    • Heart guard (recommended)
    • Athletic cup for boys (recommended)
    • Baseball glove
    • Baseball bat (some available from the league)
    • Cleats (no metal, sneakers are acceptable, but cleats are recommended)
    • Baseball pants (sweat pants or play clothes are acceptable, but baseball pants are recommended)
    • Baseball hat (provided by league)
    • Baseball jersey (provided by league)
    • Water or sports drink is recommended at each game / practice
    • Sports bag is a convenient way to organize your player's equipment
    • Write your player's name on his/her personal belongings!


Base Cost: $120.00

Opened: 02/01/2021

Open to: Residents of: 07069

In Grades: Preschool to K for 2020-21 School year