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Posting Scores Procedure for Majors and Minors
  Home team is to post game scores with in 24 hours...
Communicating with your Team
  Coaches: Attached is a manual on how to use...
Scheduling Practices at Watchung Public Schools
  Coaches: EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: We have...
Line-up Manager
  Here is a great tool for setting up your Roster...
Safety Plan
  WLL Safety Plan ...
Posting Scores Procedure for Majors and Minors
Home team is to post game scores with in 24 hours of the completion of your game.

Enter the Score for both teams
Enter 2 Extra Points for a WIN, and 1 Extra Point for a Tie
Post Pitch Counts for Both Teams by clicking Sigma symbol. (To post pitch counts for Away team, you must switch over to their team page.)

  1. First make sure you are signed in as Manager.
  2. Select "Team" from the menu tabs from the at the top of the page
    (you may have to select season, league and team at the top of the page)
  3. Select results from the menu pages at the left
  4. On the team results page, find the game you wish to edit and click on the "Edit Game Statistics" icon to the right of the game (the icon will be green if stats have already been entered and black if no stats have been entered thus far)
  5. After clicking the icon, you will be presented with a spreadsheet with all players and input fields for all statistical categories across the page. At the top of the page will be tabs for different positions (goalies, players, etc.)
  6. Enter any statistical data for each player as appropriate and be sure to check the "ATN" box for all players who attended the game, regardless of whether they had any data reported.
  7. Click "Submit" to confirm changes
Communicating with your Team

Attached is a manual on how to use our web site to communicate with your team via email.  You should all have private passwords for your team to login.  Please don't share it with anyone.

Attachment: How_To_Use_Your_Manager_Privileges.pdf

Two items not covered in the manual are News posts and Practices.  You use News posts on your Team's page to provide updates, at the bottom of the form, is a check box to also email the news to your team.  I suggest you post the news to your page first, review it on your page, if it looks good, edit it again and check off email broadcast.  This way you kill two birds with one stone - Post news to your page and send the news via email.  The manual attached shows you only how to email your team, not post news.  There is also an online Manager's Manual that you should use to learn other web site features.

Practices can be scheduled through the Team's Schedule tab on the left menu.  You can add a Game, mark it as a Practice.  If a field you are requesting is in use, you won't be able to schedule the practice time.  Once you schedule a practice, reminders will automatically go out in advance and every time you make a change.

Lastly, you should look at the Fields menu to see availability.  There is a report icon to the far right of each field name to provide you with currently scheduled games or practices.

Once last point.  Please use the site as much as possible - "driving" our members to the site builds our community and makes our sponsors happy!
Scheduling Practices at Watchung Public Schools


We have been requested by Valley View and Bayberry to provide a single point of contact at the WLL for requesting practice time at the schools' facilities.

So, going forward if you would like to request the use of either school's gym or outdoor facilities, you need to send an email request directly to Eric Korb via email will be our contact person.  Please don't call Eric directly.  He will only respond to email requests.

Here are the ground rules:

1. NO USE OF METAL OR WOOD BATS INDOORS.  Whiffle bats and balls are acceptable.
2. Please clean up after yourselves.  There has been complaints of garbage and equipment left behind.
3. Please do not use hard shoes or spikes indoors.
4. If two or more teams request the same time slot for the facilities, the space will be shared between the teams.
5. Don't assume you have time reserved until you receive a written confirmation back from the WLL web site scheduling system.
6. Try not to scuff the floors with ground balls
7. Respect the privilege of using our schools facilities

IMPORTANT: If you have requested the use of the facilities after April 1, 2011, you will need to resubmit your request to Eric.

Thank you for your cooperation.  We expect that once the weather gets better using the school facilities for practice shall no longer be necessary.

Line-up Manager
Here is a great tool for setting up your Roster each game.

Safety Plan
WLL Safety Plan